Dear Terri’s Tears Family and Friends:

We want to welcome you and thank you for visiting our web site and hope it provides you with a comprehensive understanding of just what the Terri’s Tears Charitable Trust Foundation is all about. Established in memory of Mary Theresa (Terri) Garofolo, a Type 1 insulin dependent diabetic for over 35 years, Terri’s Tears is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) and its goal is to raise money to assist with research efforts to find a cure for diabetes and help those persons victimized by this disease.

We said from the beginning, “This is YOUR foundation…Take ownership”, and this message has been heard. You can contribute in so many ways, such as attending events, telling your family and friends about us, donating your time and talents, and most of all, supporting the cause financially through your generous donations.

Research is expensive and although great strides have been made in the last 10 plus years, there is still no cure for diabetes. This is where you can make a difference by supporting and continuing to support the foundation with your tax deductible donations. No matter how large or small your donation is, every dollar we raise counts, and to borrow a phrase from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Tampa Bay Chapter, “Let’s Turn Type 1 into Type None.”

In closing, we ask God’s blessings upon each and every one of our supporters, their families and friends.



Vince, Marion, Mary, and Vinnie